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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Poison Ivy's
New Letterbox
Rating System

1) The stamp was an unadorned chunk of eraser and was SO not worth reaching out of the car window for. The book was a roll of toilet paper. The box was a 12" x 12" purex casserole dish with lid. This should be thrown into a pool of molten lava after you stamp it.
(Hey, it's still an F.)

2) The box was 'hidden' on the side of a trail 20 feet from the same parking lot you just began hiking from 4 miles ago in the other direction. The 'stamp' is a square of children's bathtub play foam crudely cut into a . . . star? - and it doesn't hold ink well. Stamp in, create faux animal teeth marks and scatter the contents among the bushes.

3) The stamp was carved with a grapefruit spoon, all the letters (we think they're letters) are backwards and the clues to the box (that looked like discarded litter) rhymed....poorly. After stamping in - return the box to the owner with a lovely engraved card, requesting they try again.

4) The stamp was SO not worth enduring the rhyming clues then hiking 10 feet beyond the corner of the parking lot to pick up. After stamping in, let your children re-hide it.

5) The placer created clues SO obscure no one could find it. You happened across it while hunting for truffles. The stamp is fine, the box is fine, the book is homemade. Stamp in and leave it where it was. Post a spoiler on the main Web list.

6) Good stamp. Good box. Good book. Stamp, rehide and go.

7) Great stamp - obviously took some time and effort. The clues required some research and the hike was slightly challenging. The book is store-bought, but recovered and personalized. Stamp, rehide and post a note to the list about it.

8) The stamp is beautifully done. The book is pretty good too. In fact this box could possibly be construed as better than your own. But it was placed by a mouthy, obnoxious list member. Stamp in, 'accidentally' mar the surface, then hide the box, slightly opened, 30 steps from it's original spot. Tell no one about it.

9) What a great stamp! Very witty play on words for the challenging and thought-provoking clues. Good spot too - short hike, great view, vending machine nearby that has beer in it. The book is artfully done and contains free beer coupons. Stamp in, write congratulatory note to placer. Take all the coupons, carefully rehide. Tell only your closest friends about it.

10) The stamp is tremendously wonderful and brings tears of joy to the eyes of the beholder. The witty clues with high literary references required a team of friends to decypher. Fantastic and daring hiding spot with a majestic view, and the book is Gorgeous! Handmade paper, bound in tooled Corinthian leather. The box is hand carved jade and angels sing when you open it. Sunlight cascades through a parting of the clouds as you realize you could NEVER do this well by yourself or with a warehouse of child laborers. After stamping in, if the angels don't descend from the heavens to retrieve it, you should throw the box into a pool of molten lava so that no one else can ever have your precioussssss.

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